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Proper Keyword Research 04 – Getting a Second Opinion

Yes, it’s actually a “third” opinion, not a second one. As mentioned before, different tools use different data sources. The reason I use several of them is to get a better picture of what the difficulty is.

This step is optional but I highly recommend you do it. Why? Because it will help you weed out even more keywords not worth fighting for. Remember, a keyword “worth fighting for” is the one which we are 100% sure we can rank for a.k.a. “low-hanging fruit”.

LongTail ProWhat is LongTail Pro?

LongTail Pro is a niche research tool owned by Spencer Haws. He had it developed to help his own niche website business. For the most part it is just like any other keyword research tool but the real power lies in the so called “Keyword Competitiveness” index.

Keyword Competitiveness is similar to Ultimate Niche Finder’s “Difficulty”: it checks how difficult it would be to rank for a given keyword. It ranges from 0 to 100, the higher the number the more competitive the keyword is.

Just like with UNF I don’t know what the exact algorithm is. What I found out by looking into the competition manually was that this index is actually pretty accurate.

What to Do With LongTail Pro?

It can be used for pretty much your whole niche research process – it can generate related keywords, check for domains, analyze the top 10 Google results and has a built-in rank tracker.

However what I will be using LongTail Pro is for is to calculate the Keyword Competitiveness of the keywords we are left with. What you do is just copy all of them from Market Samurai and paste them in LongTail Pro.

add your own keywords

Just press “Generate Keywords” and it will get the search data (which we don’t really need now). Once it’s done you will see a column named “KC” and a button “Calculate” against every keyword. Click on all of them and it will check the keyword competitiveness of all keywords.

keyword competitiveness

What Are We Looking For?

I would export the data to a csv file so I can easily filter only the keywords with competitiveness less than 35.


As you can see I’m left with 22 keywords out of the initial 48. These are 22 gold nuggets which you can rank for with little effort.

At this point you can be pretty sure that these are your keywords. However I like doing further competition analysis in Market Samurai.


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