Proper Keyword Research 06 – I Spy With My Little Eye

This is the last step in our keyword research process. By now you should have gathered dozens of niche ideas, thousands of initial keywords and you should have filtered the gold nuggets by checking the TAComp in Market Samurai and Average Keyword Competitiveness in LongTail Pro.

Although you can directly go and start building your websites from here I highly recommend checking the competition for your keywords. The tool we will be using is Market Samurai.

Market Samurai

Before I was using that tool for my whole keyword research process. You could, of course, do that but now what I love about it the most is the SEO Competition module.

SEO Competition In Market Samurai

We are doing this so we can see first hand what the competition is. Ultimate Niche Finder and LongTail Pro have their indexes but we want to see it ourselves.

The whole idea is to check if somebody else is optimizing for those keywords, are they ranking high and can we beat them. If you see something like that run away:

tough competition

What we are looking for is something like this:

medium competition

As you can see the ranking pages have almost no backlinks (do not care too much about the backlinks to the domains) and only three of them have the keyword in the title, URL, description and a header tag. I would describe this a low to medium competition keyword.

I do this with each one of the keywords I’m left with at this stage. Sometimes I drop some of them just because I see it would be way tougher than I initially thought.

Remember, we are going after the low hanging fruit here. Recently we dominated a niche with pretty competitive keywords but the strategy was a bit different. I will be posting about that case study here when I figure out how to structure it.

For now you have everything needed to start cranking those niche websites. The whole keyword research process has been 80% automated.



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  • Hasan

    May I ask, which tool does the best job in calculating bulk keyword competitiveness?

    • I wouldn’t rely on just one tool. However, if I have to pick I would go with MarketSamurai. Although it is slower than UNF it pulls far more data.

  • Hasan

    Thank you so very much!

    One of the best kw research tutorial I’ve ever found online and you provide it for free!

  • Thanks for speeding this up. I’m grateful.

  • I have been using Market Samurai ever since I first heard it from Pat Flynn. I tried LongTailPro but then switched back to Samurai. It is indeed a mighty tool, Georgi. I use it regularly to keep track of competition, domain availability, and keyword research. Thanks for posting this. Do you think I can post this back into my blo with due credit to you and of course a link back to this blog?

    • Market Samurai is an awesome tool. You can go through the whole process using it alone. It will just take more time and the one thing I don’t like about it is the speed.

      Feel free to reference this on your blog. I’m glad you find it helpful.

      • Well, LTP is not fast if you don’t have the $ to spring for good Moz API access and you need to click the “compute” button repeatedly.

        • You can do with a free Moz account and you are right, you can’t calculate Keyword Competitiveness on all keywords at once. I’m guessing it’s because it would quickly get your IP banned.