February 26

How to Work with Blueprints

In Kontent Machine 3, we introduced the so-called called Blueprints. These are campaign templates which you can use multiple times for different keywords.

There are two ways you can create a Blueprint

I. While creating a campaign.

Right before you start building your content you will see a button in the lower right-hand side of the window called Save Blueprint As…

When you click on it Kontent Machine will ask you to give your Blueprint a name.

II. Starting from Scratch

1. On the home panel click on the Blueprints button.

2. A new window will slide in. Right click in it and select Create

3. In the next window you can define everything you would need for a campaign:

3.1. Content Source
3.2. Content Quality
3.3. Word Spinner
3.4. Images/Videos
3.5. Article Tweaks – the type of spinning, spacing, article tags, number of paragraphs and “About Me” snippets
3.6. Bookmark Tweaks
3.7. The number and type of links
3.8. Advanced Link Settings – here you can define the “Follow vs Nofollow” and “Naked URLs vs. Anchor Text” ratios.

4. Click Save and give your new Blueprint a name.

You can always go back and edit each one of the created Blueprints.

How to Use the Blueprints?

1. When starting a new campaign click on the Blueprints button on the Home Panel.

2. Double click on the Blueprint you would like to use

3. Continue with your campaign.

All you have to add now are your keywords, URLs and anchor text. Everything else has been predefined.

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