April 30

Proper Keyword Research 03 – Now We Are Getting Somewhere

By now you probably have hundreds of keywords in all sorts of niches, right? If not make sure you check out how to get the initial ideas and what to do with them.

Although Ultimate Niche Finder says the competition is Very Easy, Easy or Medium I want to get a second opinion (and a third one later).


[headline style=”2″ align=”left”]Why Do I Do That?[/headline]

I am not sure where UNF is getting the data for the backlinks from and I don’t know the exact algorithm it uses to check the difficulty. This is why I always want to use another tool which relies on different algorithms and data sources. In this case – Market Samurai (which uses MajestSEO’s data).

Market Samurai

[headline style=”2″ align=”left”]Using Market Samurai The Right Way[/headline]

You can’t be into SEO without knowing about Market Samurai. Once it was my only keyword research tool but now I use it to get more data for the UNF keywords and to check the competition.

Just copy all the keywords from Ultimate Niche Finder, simply paste them in Market Samurai and click “Keyword Analysis”. Remember, we don’t need to generate more keywords. We just need to analyze what we have.

add keywords

[headline style=”2″ align=”left”]Market Samurai’s Filters[/headline]

There are all sorts of filters and indexes here. Let me show you what I look for:

keyword research


These are the only things I look at. The most important one is “Title & Anchor Competition” (TAComp).

It represents the number of URLs in MajesticSEO’s index which have the keyword in the title tag AND there are backlinks to it with the keyword as the anchor text. This is basically the number of keyword optimized pages which have backlinks to them with the keyword as anchor text.

Because with this process I am after the low-hanging fruit I am looking at 1,000 or less such pages. Don’t forget to save that filter and hit “Analyze Keywords”.

And we are done. As you can see I am left with 49 (because you cannot filter out the primary keyword) out of 68 initial keywords.

filtered keywords

Just look at that one. This is potentially a pure gold nugget: 4,400 exact US searches with TAComp 41.

Should you go after it? Not yet. We need to analyze the competition first.

Also, this step is optional but HIGHLY recommended, we need to get a THIRD opinion from a tool which uses a different data source – LongTail Pro.

So far we started off with 2,307 keywords. Then we filtered them down to 67 with Ultimate Niche Finder and now we have 48 after throwing them in Market Samurai.

Let’s see how many we will be left with in the end and if they will be worth fighting for.

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