April 29

Proper Keyword Research 02 – The Shotgun Approach

By now you probably have more than enough initial niche ideas. It is time to work on finding the keywords we want to rank for.


[headline style=”2″ align=”left”]The Shotgun Approach[/headline]

You don’t want to get too specific at this stage. You need to collect as many related keywords as you possibly can. The tool I absolutely adore and use almost every day is Ultimate Niche Finder.


[headline style=”2″ align=”left”]The Best Tool for the Job[/headline]


Ultimate Niche Finder

After starting UNF and setting it up (adding my Google Adwords account, proxies, Deathbycaptcha credentials, target location and language) I like to type one of the keywords from my ideas list  and hit “Add KW and Expand”.

add kw and expand

What Ultimate Niche Finder will do is get 800 keywords related to mine. It will also show me the average monthly searches, CPC (which I’m not really interested in) and the Adwords competition.

At this point I don’t analyze the actual SEO competition. What I like to do is look at all of them and find other keywords which I could potentially expand on.

In my example with “wireless home security systems” I would further expand these:

  • security cameras
  • wireless security cameras
  • home security cameras
  • diy home security

I would select them by holding the CTRL key, clicking on them and then hitting the Expand button.

By now we have 2,307 keyword suggestions. It’s time we start filtering the better ones.

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Now I would apply two filters:

filtering overview

1. I select phrases with 2 or more keywords. You can go even further with 3+.

First Filter

2. Average monthly searches – 999 or more. Now, sometimes if I have a lot of keywords I select 1999+ but right now I just want to look at what I’m left with.

Second Filter


What I’m left with is 169 keywords. Since I don’t need the other ones I just right-click and select Crop which will drop the keywords I don’t see.



[headline style=”2″ align=”left”]What Now?[/headline]

I would go through the list and inspect each one. I would delete all the keywords I don’t know how to make money with. Most of the times these will be more abstract keywords like “home security” or “best home security“.

Again, select them by holding CTRL and clicking on them. After that just hit Delete


[headline style=”2″ align=”left”]Time to Analyze the Competition[/headline]

I don’t know how they figure the Difficulty in Ultimate Niche Finder and they didn’t want to tell me when I asked. What I know is that they take into account the backlinks from the top 3 results, the on-page SEO and the number of results for that keyword.

We have ranked websites for keywords which appeared as Very Hard in Ultimate Niche Finder. However in our shotgun approach we will trust what UNF shows us for now.

Select all keywords and hit Analyze Competition. For this step you will need reliable private proxies.



After it is done I would filter out all keywords with difficulty Hard and Very Hard. That way I’m left with Very Easy, Easy and Moderate.



And we are done with Ultimate Niche Finder. Just don’t forget to save your project.

We started with 2,307 keywords and ended up with 67 ones with real potential.

Next time I will show you how I use Market Samurai to trim the list even further.

[headline style=”2″ align=”left”]Resources:[/headline]

[bullet_block style=”size-16″ small_icon=”13.png” width=”” alignment=”left”]

  • Ultimate Niche Finder
  • 10 Dedicated Proxies (from BuyProxies.org)


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