What Can You Do With The API?

Kontent Machine’s API allows access to uploaded campaigns. You can pull content from already built campaigns. This includes Bookmarks, Articles, Titles, Summaries, About Me snippets, Keywords, Categories, Videos/Images & Tags.

All of these could either be either clean or in spintax (flat & nested).

What You Need to Do First

In order to make this process as easy as possible for you we set up the content templates on our side. They are pretty much like the export templates in Kontent Machine. We are constantly adding new ones so it is best to contact us tell us what type of content structure you need.

For example, your application may not handle nested spintax very well so we will set up a template for you which will output only clean articles or in flat spintax.

You can also tell us how many outputs from a campaign per request you need and if you need the keywords and URLs to be replaced with a special token.

Is There a Limit to the Queries?

Yes, the daily quota is 100 requests and the maximum number of uploaded campaigns is 100 per account. Have in mind that you can get multiple articles per request and users can either delete obsolete campaigns or set up automatic maintenance which will take care of deleting old campaigns for them.

However, if you have a valid need for more daily queries and a higher number of uploaded campaigns at a time contact us at support.kontentmachine.com and tell us the reason for needing a higher limit. We reserve the right to deny any requests which we do not consider valid.


How Do You Call the API?

The API can be called with a simple POST request to this url – https://api.kontentmachine.com/
For the full list of parameters, methods and example code download this file – KM API Documentation

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