April 26

SpinnerChief API Updates


It saddens us to announce that from today (26th of April) we will not be able to use the free version of the SpinnerChief API.

It was announced some time ago that the SC servers are becoming more and more overloaded with the API requests. This is why they made the API paid.

The free version is still available BUT it will allow just 25 requests and 1000 words per request. Because KM scrapes a lot more content than this it will not work. This is why we are left with the following options:

  1. Use SpinnerChief paid API cheapest package. That’s 12 dollars for 3 months and gives you 100 requests per day with 5000 words per request. Which means that you can do around  15 different campaigns per day with KM. Believe us, this is MORE than enough unless you are selling SEO services and need more. Go to SpinnerChief Accounts, log in and see the packages.
  2. Spin the content from Spin-me window outside KM. If you already have a favorite spinner you can simply copy it, paste it in the spinner, spin it and copy it back to the spin-me window.
  3. Use the scraped content without word-spinning it. Now this is something that we do not recommend but it’s totally up to you.

We are working on implementing The Best Spinner API too so there will be another option.


To Your Success,

KM Team


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