April 28

Kontent Machine’s API Is Here


We have been working on the API for months and it is by far the biggest upgrade since Kontent Machine 3.

At first we were not sure how to approach it. The issue was that the content KM builds is not only keyword specific but there are a lot of modifications you can do (locally saved files, custom text snippets, about-me sections, custom images/videos etc.).

What this means is that we couldn’t just have a huge collection of paragraphs which people could download. Besides, we wouldn’t like if everybody was using the same pieces of content.

So there was only one way to do it – by uploading the whole campaigns and then pulling content from them from third-party applications.

cloud campaigns


You will notice in the new version of Kontent Machine that you have a Cloud Campaigns management window and if you log in to your account online you will see the new API tab. Also we have added a fourth action button (next to Build Content, Build & Export & Build & Post) called Send to Cloud.

cc send to cloud


We have set a limit to the uploaded campaigns – 100 at a time. That is not a problem at all because we also added a cool feature called “Auto Clean-up”. With it you can tell KM to automatically (every 24 hours) delete all campaigns older than a certain number of days.

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Find a detailed tutorial on all of this in our forum – Managing Cloud Campaigns

If you are a developer and would like to access the API from your application you can find the documentation here – Kontent Machine API
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We have to get back to work now, we want to make your life easier so we need to start contacting developers about integrating KM’s API.

Which linkbuilding tools are you using on a daily basis, guys? Let us know so we don’t miss any of them.

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