February 26

How to Bind Keywords to URLs

This technique is a bit more advanced and it is not mandatory at all. However, there will be times when in one campaign you would want some keywords to point to specific URLs.

Important: If you bind keywords to URLs you MUST do that with all of the available keywords and URLs. The ones that you have not linked together will be discarded from the campaign.

1. When you build a campaign click on any of the links to open the advanced link settings. There right-click inside the URLs or Keywords text box and select Bind Keywords to URLs

2. In the next window pair keywords and URLs by just dragging and dropping them from the right to the left.

3. Right-clicking in the URLs or Keywords panel will bring you contextual menus allowing you to:
  • Manually add URLs
  • Manually add keywords
  • Download inner pages URLs
  • Add authority websites URLs
  • Add relevant keywords
  • Add generic anchor text

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