Getting to Know Kontent Machine 3.0

Kontent Machine 3.0 Overview


Home Panel
1. New – starts a new campaign.
2. Saved – shows a list of your existing campaigns and offers you to delete or modify them.
   The saved campaigns are sorted by:
  • Campaign number
  • Creation date
  • Campaign name
  • Mode (that is the Content Source you select when you build a new campaign)
  • Quality (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3+ or Custom Quality)
  • Used Blueprint

3. Quick – here you can create a campaign with the least amount of required options. We recommend using it only if you don’t need too much customization.

4. Blueprints allow you to define exact campaign preferences for a campaign. You can come back later and build a new campaign around a new keyword but using the same settings as before. Think of them as Campaign Templates

5. Tools slides in a new panel with the well-known Tools from KontentMachine 2. They are designed to help you with quick jobs you might need – creating bookmarks only, scraping whole articles, build “about me” snippets, modify a super-spun article, spin on word/character level, unspin a piece of content in spintax, spin a whole folder of locally saved files or publish them to your self-hosted blogs or Rankwyz.

6. Back takes you back to what you have been working on before coming to the home panel.

7. In the Status Bar, you can see what campaign you are working on right now, the Blueprint you are using, and the current version of the software

8. Leads to this Kontent Machine Overview


  • Paul Taub

    Reply Reply March 26, 2016

    Every time I try to create articles in bulk, I’m getting an error that their are not enough photos or videos to complete the build. This is a relatively new error that I never used to get with past versions. Something is definitely wrong with this version/build. Please take a look and resolve or tell me how to resolve it. Thank you!

    • Manuel

      Reply Reply March 27, 2016


      Please contact our support at support[at] so we can sort this out.

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