May 30

Cool Updates Coming…


Hello everybody,

We are happy to announce that soon (and I mean REALLY soon) Kontent Machine will become the most advanced content generation software available out there. Here’s why…

  • currently we’re working on the option to use broad match when scraping your content (which means – more content for you)
  • we are also working on the option to scrape content from blogs. While it has it’s pros and cons (and we were really hesitant do implement it) it will give you EVEN MORE content.

I know, a lot of people think that Kontent Machine just scrapes content and mixes it at a paragraph level. This is cool enough BUT it also uses several algorithms to check the relevancy of the content, it selects the categories/tags/keywords 100% automatically, it scrapes relevant titles, it makes sure that the keywords you were scraping for are in the articles, it inserts your anchor text and contextual links…

I could go on and on but the fact is that we don’t know of any other tool out there that does all that. The reason KM does all this is simple – we use it every day for our own campaigns. But if we missed anything or you think that something could be added – let us know at

Take Care,


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