December 20

For All the Survivors Out There…


Hi guys,

I don’t know about you but I’ve got plane tickets to Vienna for Christmas and I wouldn’t like it if the world ends on 21st. 🙂

In case it doesn’t we’ve got something really special for you…

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From 23rd of December till 04th of January you will have the chance to buy KontentMachine for a CRAZY one-time fee – only $197. That’s right, normally she costs (yes, she!) $444 a year but we are letting you steal her from us for as little as $197.

Not only that but if you are a non-trial user at that time you can get her for just $167. This is our way of thanking you for your trust in us and honoring you as our client.

This KontentMachine version is not some kind of a “lite” version, you will get ALL minor and major upgrades and we will support you as we always have.

Remember, the only time that you could get KontentMachine with all her bells and whistles for that cheap of a price is from 23rd of December till 04th of January. We assure you, she doesn’t like being released for such a low price and we will NEVER do that again, that’s a promise!

We will keep you updated!

23rd of December – 04th of January

$197 For New Members

$167 For Existing Customers

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Georgi from


“No honey, I don’t think you will need your make-up after the world ends!”

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