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Rank #1 With a Bad-
Ass Link Profile

Ranking with blog comments is so 2005. The best type of backlinks you could have is contextual links coming from hundreds of unique and relevant articles.

Not only that, but you also need to diversify your anchor text and not leave any footprints.

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Avoid Footprints With
Advanced Co-Citation

Everybody and their grandma is spamming Google and leaving massive footprints.

Don't be the one getting slapped over and over again. With advanced co-citation and two minutes of your time you will be ranking as a pro and still stay under the radar.

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Shoot All Your
Inner Pages to #1

The quickest way to get your website sandboxed is linking to your homepage only.

Why not rank ALL your inner pages?

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See What Top SEO Ninjas Are Saying:

Paul Rone-Clarke

Kontent Machine is the gold standard content sourcing and manipulation software for the busy marketer.”

Matthew Woodward

“Kontent Machine is one of the best content generators on the market. It is a huge time and money saver helping to make setting up link campaigns a quick and painless process.”

Jacob King

Jacob King

“Kontent Machine is a must have for any SEO software user. You just can’t beat the premade templates, endless tiers.”

All of this...

Powerful Article Builder

Create super-spun articles out of any seed keyword (even ‘granny panties’)

All Types of Backlinks

Build every type of hyperlink that you need for your SEO campaigns.

Embed Videos

Find and embed relevant videos 100% automatically.

Quick Campaigns

Create thousands of articles with just a few clicks.

Kick-Ass Autoblogger

Push and schedule content for your blog networks with a couple of clicks.

Locally Saved Files

Build super-spun articles out of your locally saved text files.

Cloud Campaigns

Create and upload your campaigns to the cloud. You can then pull them in whatever tool you want to.

Relevant Images

Automatically find and insert hundreds of relevant images.

Bonus Tools

Use the additional 7 tools to power-up your SEO.


Save and re-use your favorite settings as blueprints.

Free Spinner

Save money with the free built-in content spinner.

Content for All Tiers

Use the built-in settings for controlling the content quality.

Get Your 40% Discount for
the next 24 hours!

And Just When You Thought
That Was All...

GSA Search Engine Ranker

Automatically fill all the content for all your tiers in GSA SER via the API.


Download Articles in RankerX directly via the API

Senuke XCR

Built-in export templates for SEnuke XCR

Questions You Might Have...

What's My Guarantee?

You risk absolutely nothing. Take Kontent Machine for a spin for a full month. If, for whatever reason, during that time you decide it's not the thing for you, just shoot me an email at support [at] and I'll return every single dime you have invested to you.

What's with the discount?

My team and I have always rewarded action takers and quite frankly, those are the people we want to do business with. That's why the discount is available for a limited time only.

What are the system requirements?

Kontent Machine is a desktop application and requires Windows OS and .NET Framework 4. You can still run it on a Mac, but you will need to install a virtual machine on it.

What's so special about Kontent Machine?

Kontent Machine has been designed with one idea only - backlinks. The sheer amount and type of content it produces cannot be found in any other similar piece of software.

Can I use the content I generate on my money sites?

You certainly can, but I don't recommend it. The content on your money sites should convert visitors to buyers while the content from Kontent Machine is meant for the search engines.

What submission tools can I use Kontent Machine with?

All of them. Seriously!

Can I use Kontent Machine for my Private Blog Network?

Absolutely! You can use the Autoblogger to publish and schedule posts on your sites.

Can Kontent Machine generate Tier 1 content?

You bet!

Get Your 40% Discount for
the next 24 hours!