February 26

How to Use KontentMachine with Sick Submitter

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can easily export content from KM that is ready to be imported directly into Sick Submitter.

Assuming you have set up your campaign, and you are ready to build and export it.

In KontentMachine:

1. Click on the Build & Export button

2. From the Template drop-down list select one of the two premade templates:


– Sick Submitter Articles. Choose this one if you are submitting to web 2.0 or article directories.

– Sick Submitter Bookmarks. This template will export bookmark descriptions.

3. Select how many super-spun articles you would  like to create. Note that each file uses nested spintax so it will give you quite a lot of variations. Click Export.

In Sick Submitter

1. Go to the tab representing the module you would like to use (Article Submitter, Bookmark Submitter or Web 2.0 Submitter)

2. Go to the corresponding content creation tab (Article Creator for Articles, Post Creator for Web 2.0, Bookmark Info for Bookmarks)

3. Press the Open button and select the file that you just exported from KontentMachine

4. Sick Submitter will populate all fields with the information generated by KontentMachine so you can go on with your backlinking campaign. Click Preview to see how different each variation is.


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