February 25

How to Use KontentMachine with Licorne AIO

Here you will learn how to have Licorne AIO pick up the content created by KontentMachine.

1. After you have everything set up in KontentMachine you just need to press Build & Export and choose the pre-defined Licorne template


2. Click on Change LAIO Settings. Here you can define whether you want the content to be in nested spintax or flat spintax.

Remember that nested spintax gives you far more variations. It is preferable to use it if you are submitting to a large number of websites (Tier 2+). If you are building your tier 1 links, then you might want to have more control over the output and allow fewer variations but better readability. In this case you can use the Flat Spintax option, just have in mind that you can submit to fewer sites.
3. Click Apply, choose how many articles you would like (5 to 500) and click Export
4. Open Licorne AIO 3.01+ and click on New Task -> Article Submission, provided you have already created a project.
5. After you set it up click on Add Articles -> Import Articles From Kontent Machine
6. Browse to the folder where KontentMachine saved the files and choose the ones you want to useYou can use the same process for Bookmarks, Wikis and Web 2.0 submission tasks.


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