May 6

Building GSA SER Campaigns the Smart Way

This post will be short but useful. I wanted to show you the smart way to use Kontent Machine with GSA SER.

Since we released our API and Sven added it in GSA SER you no longer have to export text files. Here is a quicker method for doing that:

You will need to create your Kontent Machine campaign and upload it to the cloud. To see how you can do that check out this tutorial – Managing Cloud Campaigns.

1. Open your campaign in GSA SER and go to Tools -> Auto Fill -> Kontent Machine -> Use API

gsa api

2 .You will need to paste your Kontent Machine API key. There are two ways you can obtain it:

api key

– Clicking on the label Cloud Campaigns in Kontent Machine. Just click on the API Key in the lower right-hand corner, and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

cloud campaigns management

– Going to your KM member’s area and navigating to the API tab

After you paste the API key and press OK, you will see all your cloud campaigns. Select the one you want to work with, choose the fields you want to fill, and that’s it.

Your GSA SER campaign is ready to be run. Simple, wasn’t it?

We are currently working with a number of tool developers to integrate the API into their products as well. I will keep you updated.


UPDATE: If you want to add just articles to an existing GSA SER campaign follow these steps:

– In GSA SER, select your campaign and go to Article Manager

– Click on Add and select Kontent Machine

– Paste your API key (it will be there if you have used it before)

– Select the KontentMachine campaign you want to pull content from and click OK

articles manager

GSA SER will get 10 unique articles per request.

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