September 15

“Not Enough Content” & Your Proxies


Hi guys,

We would like to address a couple of issues that you have been having these days,  The “Not Enough Content” issue and the failing proxies issue.

These two are closely related because when you get the message that there isn’t enough content for words like “dogs” it means that your proxies are failing and KM could not get enough content to build your articles.

“I tested my proxies in Scrapebox and they are all alive!”

Well, here is the truth – we don’t want to go into much details on how Scrapebox tests proxies in Google but let’s just say it’s… basic. It merely recognizes that the proxy is alive and a simple search can be done with it while KM goes a little bit deeper and tries to scrape some more data. Now here is where the proxy fails and this is the reason Kontent Machine marks it as non-working.

Google is getting smarter and smarter and we all know that. We will not name them, but some of the more famous proxy providers are selling proxies which are excellent for posting but suck at scraping large amounts of data from the biggest search engine. Google quickly spots them and bans them. This is how you have been getting the dreaded “Not enough content” message.

Luckily Bing and Yahoo are not that paranoid when it comes to automated data mining and your proxies should be working just fine with them.

“Am I going to get less content now?”

Absolutely not! Kontent Machine works in such a way that it doesn’t matter which search engine it uses, you will still get a ton of content. And the best thing is – after our tests scraping with private proxies from Bing and Yahoo is much faster now. Isn’t that a cool bonus?

“What are you working on right now? What’s the next update?”

We are reviewing the article building functionality and we will be adding the option to choose which sources to use in the “Generate Kontent” process. We will also be adding some more sources too.

We are exploring a possibility which would allow you to build even higher quality, absolutely unique articles suitable for Tier 1 and even money page but more on that… later.


Thank you guys!

Manuel & Georgi


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