February 25

How to Post Directly to RankWyz

RankWyz is one the better services online which allow you to build your private blog network on public platforms. In this tutorial, you will learn how you can post content from Kontent Machine directly to your RankWyz account.

UPDATE: Rankwyz is not working with the so-called Buckets. See Pavel’s video here to understand how to work with them.

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1. Assuming you have set your keywords and links up all you need to do is press Build and Post

2. Right-click inside the Autoblogger window and go to Add Accounts -> Add one RW Account

3. In the next window, you need to give that account a name and paste your RankWyz API key

In your RankWyz account, you can find it under Tools -> Edit Profile

Click Verify & Save

4. When Kontent Machine verifies your account, you will see this window:

Important: Unfortunately Kontent Machine cannot create blog networks and submissions so you will have to do that in your RankWyz account first before feeding content to them. Also, you don’t need to set up any links in RankWyz because you will be doing that in Kontent Machine.

Click on Select Submissions!

5. From the next window where you would like to send content to:

If you create a new submission at the same time, you can click Sync Submissions to have Kontent Machine pull it in this window. You need to have those submissions created in Rankwyz.

When you are ready, just click Apply.

6. In the Accounts List window select your RankWyz account and click Next

The next window is just like posting to self-hosted blogs. The only difference is that you cannot schedule posts, you have to do that in your RankWyz account.

7. That’s it! You will find the uploaded articles in your RankWyz account when you click on the submission and check the Uploaded Articles tab.

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