January 9

Kontent Machine Version History


Kontent Machine (July-24-2021)

  • Upgrade: Revise and fix the WordAi API

Kontent Machine (March-15-2021)

  • Upgrade: Revise and fix of the WordPress Poster Module
  • Upgrade: Relevancy content

Kontent Machine (December-23-2019)

  • Theme: Christmas – Happy Holidays 🙂

Kontent Machine (March-28-2019)

  • Fixed: Authority URLs Scraper

Kontent Machine (February-15-2019)

  • Added: mass import of groupnames with the Autoblogger

Kontent Machine (January-20-2019)

  • Upgrade: Delete of failed WordPress accounts

Kontent Machine (November-28-2018)

  • Fixed: WordAi error

Kontent Machine (November-11-2018)

  • Fixed: Another title error

Kontent Machine (October-19-2018)

  • Fixed: Title error by some campaigns

Kontent Machine (February-01-2018)

  • Fixed: Load campaign error

Kontent Machine (November-23-2017)

  • Fixed: Small few bugs

Kontent Machine (October-26-2017)

  • Fixed: WordAi V4 Contextual links

Kontent Machine (October-19-2017)

  • Added: “Topic” and “About Bookmarking” Fields for GSA Template

Kontent Machine (June-26-2017)

  • Fixed: WordAi V4 API integration

Kontent Machine (June-24-2017)

  • Fixed: Small few bugs

Kontent Machine (June-23-2017)

  • Upgrade: WordAi V4 integration

Kontent Machine (April-25-2017)

  • Fixed: Proxy format errors

Kontent Machine (October-10-2016)

  • Fixed: Authority URLs

Kontent Machine (August-26-2016)

  • Upgrade: GSA SER template improved

Kontent Machine (June-08-2016)

  • Fixed: A small bug in the GSA SER PDF export

Kontent Machine (May-28-2016)

  • Upgrade: Ability to export blog, forum, guestbook, image comments for GSA SER

Kontent Machine (May-21-2016)

  • Fixed: Small few bugs

Kontent Machine (May-19-2016)

  • Fixed: Autoblogger stopped working properly

Kontent Machine (May-18-2016)

  • Fixed: Another template of search engine change

Kontent Machine (May-17-2016)

  • Fixed: Template of search engine change

Kontent Machine (May-07-2016)

  • Fixed: Few GSA SER exporter settings were reversed

Kontent Machine (April-01-2016)

  • Fixed: Autoblogger was not posting to a few WordPress blogs

Kontent Machine (January-29-2016)

  • Improved: Article Getter’s scraping speed

Kontent Machine (January-25-2016)

  • Fixed: Exporter stopped exporting Youtube IDs

Kontent Machine (December-22-2015)

  • Fixed: Small issue with the bind keywords feature

Kontent Machine (December-15-2015)

  • Fixed: Autoblogger was not working with WordPress 4.4

Kontent Machine (October-23-2015)

  • Fixed: The Best Spinner API stopped working

Kontent Machine (October-18-2015)

  • Fixed: “Word Spinner” tool crashed

Kontent Machine (October-05-2015)

  • Fixed: Video preview was not working
  • Fixed: Bulk spinner with dead proxies crashed

Kontent Machine (May-06-2015)

  • Fixed: Content generation stopped working

Kontent Machine (February-23-2015)

  • Added: Ability to get a list of titles, images and videos with the exporter

Kontent Machine (February-04-2015)

  • Upgrade: RankWyz API

Kontent Machine (November-24-2014)

  • Fixed: URLs from Authority Websites was not working

Kontent Machine (October-20-2014)

  • Fixed: Crash by building content

Kontent Machine (October-09-2014)

  • Fixed: Own images/videos setup was not working

Kontent Machine (September-17-2014)

  • Fixed: Exported PDF files had unclickable Links on some machines

Kontent Machine (September-16-2014)

  • Added: Exporting PDF files from the Preview window
  • Added: Generating PDF files from the Exporter
  • Improved: GSA SER Template exports PDF files
  • Improved: Template Builder navigation improvements
  • Added: New tokens to the template builder: one paragraph, image, and video

Kontent Machine (September-08-2014)

  • Fixed: Articles contained wrong characters in “Publish Files”

Kontent Machine (August-22-2014)

  • Fixed: Some unspun articles contained spintax

Kontent Machine (June-02-2014)

  • Improved:  Relevancy checking algorithm improvements
  • Fixed: No unique articles were used when publishing files

Kontent Machine (May-21-2014)

  • Improved: WordAi Regular API Tweaks
  • Fixed: “Not enough content” issues with some keywords
  • Fixed: “Mimic Contextual” fix

Kontent Machine (May-16-2014)

  • Fixed: AB Links Location change

Kontent Machine (May-12-2014)

  • Upgrade: Autoblogger: Group management
  • Upgrade: Autoblogger: Multiple categories
  • Improved: Autoblogger: Unique dates when scheduling posts
  • Fixed: Wrong status when posting to RankWyz
  • Fixed: About-me tool crashes

Kontent Machine (April-28-2014)

  • Upgrade: Kontent Machine API Released
  • Added: Delete multiple saved campaigns
  • Improved: Character-level spinning options to the campaign settings
  • Improved: Improved ratio settings for scraper vs. locally saved files
  • Improved: Adult content filter
  • Improved: Mimicking contextual links

Kontent Machine (April-18-2014)

  • Improved: WordAi Regular API Tweaks
  • Improved: Titles in Wikiformat
  • Improved: Article Getter

Kontent Machine (April-10-2014)

  • Improved: Relevancy checking algorithm improvements

Kontent Machine (March-14-2014)

  • Fixed: “Mimic Contextual” fix
  • Fixed: Spacing issues with some contextual links
  • Fixed: WordAI Turing fix

Kontent Machine (March-11-2014)

  • Improved: CPU overload while (Downloading Content…)
  • Improved: Contextual link replacement
  • Fixed: Charspinner bugs
  • Fixed: Youtube resize bug by manually settings
  • Fixed: URLs settings issue with tokens
  • Fixed: ‘Get Title’ didn’t work when publishing files

Kontent Machine (February-20-2014)

  • Fixed: Quick Campaign bugs
  • Fixed: Titles had dots when spun with SpinRewriter
  • Fixed: Quick Campaign link settings issues

Kontent Machine (February-12-2014)

  • Added: Import Articles from explorer
  • Fixed: Special character encoding issue
  • Fixed: Custom Quality Settings was not working

Kontent Machine (February-11-2014)

  • Improved: Reload Content & Export speed
  • Improved: Content verification
  • Fixed: WordAi & TBS Api
  • Fixed: Rankwyz Sync Submission button was not working

Kontent Machine (January-24-2014)

  • Improved: he process of finding content sources
  • Fixed: Article Getter stopped working after several keywords
  • Fixed: Image URLs set up
  • Fixed: Last used folder in the tools was not working properly

Kontent Machine (January-15-2014)

  • Upgrade: “The Leading Articles” Integration

Kontent Machine (January-09-2014)

  • Improved: Title relevance improvements
  • Fixed: Own tags in autoblogger was not working

Kontent Machine (December-19-2013)

  • Fixed: WordAi Regular API timeout issues

Kontent Machine (December-18-2013)

  • Fixed: WordAi API was not working after their algorithm update

Kontent Machine (December-08-2013)

  • Improved: Mimicking contextual links
  • Improved: Anchor text vs. naked URLs randomizer
  • Fixed: Memory issues when reloading causing blank article bodies

Kontent Machine (December-04-2013)

  • Fixed: Rankwyz posting issues
  • Fixed: The bulk spinner was not exporting without spintax
  • Fixed: Article Getter was crashing on a large number of keywords

Kontent Machine (December-03-2013)

  • Fixed: Tags/keywords were not unique
  • Fixed: Manually spinning was not working correctly
  • Fixed: Proxy format check was not working

Kontent Machine (November-30-2013)

  • Fixed: The Bulk Spinner was not converting the titles correctly
  • Fixed: Forbidden characters were still present in the campaigns
  • Fixed: Paragraph variations settings were not functioning correctly

Kontent Machine (November-28-2013)

  • Improved: Word AI API improvements
  • Fixed: Blueprints didn’t save the selected spinner
  • Fixed: Reloading Kontent bug
  • Fixed: Adding own titles to locally saved files did not work properly
  • Fixed: GSA SER %url% token didn’t work for “About Me” sections

Kontent Machine (November-25-2013)

  • Fixed: Issues when loading KM2 campaigns
  • Fixed: Contextual Links didn’t appear in all outputs
  • Fixed: SpinnerChief API test
  • Improved: Right-click menu for proxies, ImageUrls, Brands and ProtectKeyword added

Kontent Machine (November-23-2013)

  • New: SpinRewriter ENL Semantic spinner added
  • Improved: Export settings are now saved
  • Improved: Seed articles settings are now saved
  • Improved: Tags/Keywords relevancy improved

Kontent Machine (November-20-2013)

  • Fixed: Images/Videos for adult content
  • Fixed: Bug when trying to delete a campaign
  • Improved: KM updater
  • Improved: Better detection of adult keywords

Kontent Machine (November-18-2013)

  • Fixed: “Built-in scraper + locally saved files” still using scraped content
  • Fixed: Not grabbing titles from locally saved files
  • Fixed: Protected keywords bug
  • Fixed: Special characters showing up in the content
  • Improved: Added BLOG_About to the GSA template

Kontent Machine (November-15-2013)

  • Fixed updater bugs
  • Fixed bugs with in the exporting module

Kontent Machine (November-11-2013)

  • Fixed bugs related to proxies being reported as not working
  • Fixed several other small bugs

Kontent Machine (November-5-2013)

  • Fixed bugs related to crashing at start-up

Kontent Machine


  • Kontent Machine 3.0 launched.

Kontent Machine (April-11-2013)

  • Upgrade: Additional proxy format added (e.g. proxyurl.com:port)

Kontent Machine (April-08-2013)

  • Upgrade: Ability to post to RankWyz
  • Upgrade: Ability to publish locally saved files

Kontent Machine (March-22-2013)

  • Upgrade: Licorne AIO pre-defined template

Kontent Machine (March-07-2013)

  • Upgrade: Autoblogger

Kontent Machine (February-04-2013)

  • Upgrade: Ability to use “About Me” snippets for resource box content.
  • Upgrade: GSA template improved and “About Me” snippets included.
  • Upgrade: GSA template options added.
  • Upgrade: KontentMachine start-up time significantly increased.
  • Upgrade: Article Files Builder settings added
  • Fix: Proxy tester was removing one of the proxies
  • Fix: “Wrong Spintax” errors when using article files for campaigns

Kontent Machine (January-30-2013)

  • Upgrade: Magic Submitter predefined template

Kontent Machine (January-24-2013)

  • Upgrade: Article Kevo predefined template
  • Upgrade: Indication of how many paragraphs should be added in order to use local files for building campaigns.
  • Fixed: Super-spun editor works with deeper spintax now
  • Fixed: Fixed the compatibility issue between the super-spun editor and Article Builder content

Kontent Machine (January-17-2013)

  • Upgrade: Ability to Bind Keywords and URLs

Kontent Machine (January-11-2013)

  • Upgrade: Bulk Spinner Tool

Kontent Machine (January-02-2013)

  • Upgrade: The Ability to Use the Old Embed Youtube Code

Kontent Machine (December-20-2012)

  • Upgrade: Option to Use the WordAi Turing Spinner

Kontent Machine (December-13-2012)

  • Upgrade: Super-Spun Editor Tool
  • Upgrade: Ability to Build Campaigns Using Super-Spun Articles

Kontent Machine (November-29-2012)

  • Upgrade: Search box in the “Load Campaign” window
  • Upgrade:  Added a second source for images/videos when the first one fails
  • Fix: Adjustments to the new Youtube code

Kontent Machine (October-29-2012)

  • Add-on: “About Me” Builder
  • Upgrade: Ability to use two spun databases (Edit Campaign)
  • Upgrade: Ability to spin the whole campaign again (Edit Campaign)
  • Upgrade: Details about each of the two spun databases (Edit Campaign)
  • Upgrade: WordAI/SpinRewriter API’s function optimized
  • Upgrade: KM doesn’t allow duplicate titles when exporting (except when there are not enough of them)
  • Upgrade: The option to choose the link format when exporting for wikis(UD Template)
  • Fixed: Custom Box placement fixed
  • Fixed: KM spinner bug fixed
  • Fixed: Several small bugs

Kontent Machine (October-21-2012)

  • Upgrade: Ability to use locally saved files to build your campaigns
  • Upgrade: Ability to use both locally saved files AND the scraping feature of Kontent Machine.
  • Upgrade: Greatly improved content generation speed
  • Upgrade: Upgraded content generation algorithm
  • Upgrade: Ability to use your own titles/tags/categories and image/video URLs
  • Upgrade: Ability to use less content to build campaigns
  • Upgrade: The custom box feature has been powered-up
  • Upgrade: GSA template improvement (micro blogging content added)

Kontent Machine (October-15-2012)

  • Upgrade: HTML Preview
  • Upgrade: Text files are exported without BOM (Byte Order Mark)
  • Fix: Duplicate paragraphs when using “Article Spin” = None

Kontent Machine (October-11-2012)

  • Upgrade: Integrated WordAI API (regular spinner only)
  • Upgrade: Integrated SpinRewriter API
  • Upgrade: Integrated SpinChimp API
  • Upgrade: Ability to recover the original unspun content
  • Fix: Senuke tags removed. The tokens on the settings tab take care of that now.
  • Fix: TBS API fixed

Kontent Machine (October-05-2012)

  • Upgrade: Option to send the failed keyword to us so we can improve KM
  • Fix: Freezing issues while downloading content

Kontent Machine (September-27-2012)

  • Upgrade: Ability to insert custom text inside paragraphs
  • Add-on:  Spintaxing tool
  • Fix: Spun titles issues

Kontent Machine (September-15-2012)

  • Upgrade: Default search engines changed to Bing, Yahoo and Google Custom Search
  • Fix: Proxy issues fixed

Kontent Machine (August-31-2012)

  • Upgrade: Custom Content Box
  • Upgrade: Define Target URLs for Images
  • Upgrade: Choose Randomly Video OR Image to Insert
  • Upgrade: GSA Template Improvements
  • Upgrade: Minimum Paragraph Count Set to 5

Kontent Machine (August-28-2012)

  • Upgrade: Randomization Level Activated for Bookmarks Too
  • Upgrade: Setting URLs to Images
  • Fixed: There Were Some Issues With the Titles Formatting

Kontent Machine (August-22-2012)

  • New Tool: Article Getter
  • Add-on: Adult Content Filter
  • Upgrade: Ability to Insert Anchor Text Between Sentences Inside Paragraphs
  • Upgrade: Niche Relevance Algorithm Upgrade
  • Upgrade: The Targeted Keywords and their Variations are Automatically Added as Protected Keywords

Kontent Machine

  • Upgrade: GUI update
  • Upgrade: Ability to protect keywords
  • Add-on: Separate word-level spinner
  • Add-on: Un-spinner
  • Add-on: Separate bookmark descriptions creator

Kontent Machine (July-06-2012)

  • Upgrade: Added the ability to align and auto-resize images and videos
  • Upgrade: Template Builder improvements
  • Fixed: Fetching content sources with proxies activated was causing KM to hang for some users

Kontent Machine (July-01-2012)

  • Upgrade: Integrated thesaurus for word-spinning
  • Fixed: Several small fixes

Kontent Machine (June-20-2012)

  • Updated: Ability to edit templates
  • Add-on: Separate Character Spinner
  • Fixed: Some users were having re-size issues
  • Fixed: Some users were having issues with the TBS API
  • Fixed: Several small fixes

Kontent Machine (June-14-2012)

  • Upgrade: Completely revised exporting functions
  • Upgrade: Added “Templates Creator”
  • Upgrade: Added a sentence mixer
  • Add-on: Added “Article Files Builder”
  • Fixed: Several small fixes

Kontent Machine (June-01-2012)

  • Upgrade: Ability to scrape content from blogs
  • Upgrade: Ability to scrape for the broad match of your keywords
  • Fixed: Several small fixes

Kontent Machine (May-28-2012)

  • Upgrade: Full private proxy support (password authenticated)
  • Fixed: Several small fixes

Kontent Machine (May-25-2012)

  • Fixed: Several small fixes
  • Upgrade: 10 more content sources for KM to scrape from

Kontent Machine (May-09-2012)

  • Fixed: Disallow special characters in campaign name
  • Fixed: Several small fixes
  • Upgrade: Content relevancy verifying algorithm updated
  • Upgrade: Kontent Machine will scrape even more content

Kontent Machine (May-08-2012)

  • Changed: Automatic Selection of Niche Words, Tags & Categories

Kontent Machine (May-06-2012)

  • Added: Ability to Create “Article Marketing Robot” Files
  • Added: Ability to Create “Sick Submitter” Files
  • Added: The Best Spinner API Integration

Kontent Machine (May-01-2012)

  • Added: Maximum paragraph length checker
  • Added: Checker if niche keywords are set correctly
  • Added: Progress bar when testing proxies
  • Spin-me window can be closed which will result in aborting the content generation process
  • KM will show in the output if your niche words are not specific enough
  • Several bug fixes

Kontent Machine

  • Kontent Machine released.

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