April 28

Kontent Machine Just Got Better


Hey guys,

Just like we promised – we released KM

Among the new features you will find:

– Ability to use locally saved files

– Ability to use the scraper + locally saved files. What’s even cooler about this feature is that you can use the slider to determine how much of “online” and “offline” content you would like to include.

– Greatly improved content generation speed

– Upgraded content generation algorithm

– Ability to use your own titles/tags/categories/images/videos by clicking the big “Edit” button on the main screen. You can use only your content for them or use both KM generated plus your own.

– The custom box has been really powered-up

– The GSA template has been improved to include micro blogging content


You will still get the message “contextual links disabled” when KM doesn’t find enough paragraphs containing the main keyword. This is why we included the “Injector” some time ago.

What it will do is add your anchor text INSIDE sentences so that it looks like a contextual link. Just select “Article Body Links” and Location – Injector.

What’s new about the custom box?

Boy, what’s not…

– Ability to spin the custom box content with the APIs

– Ability to place the custom box sentences/paragraphs in spintax

– Ability to load content from files

– Ability to place the custom box content at the beginning of the articles – great for setting your own opening paragraphs


We also promised that we will reset all expired trial accounts so you can test KM again for 7 days… and we did!


Have fun 🙂

KM Team



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