How to Import Content to GSA SER

In this tutorial you will learn how you can directly import content to GSA SER without having to export files. Note that  How to Export Content for GSA SER is still a valid way to get your KM content to GSA SER.

1. First you will need to create a campaign in Kontent Machine and then upload it to the cloud (see how here).

2. In GSA SER create a new project and go to Tools -> Auto Fill -> Use KontentMachine -> Use API


gsa api

3. Paste your API key and select the campaign you want to pull content from with the fields you want to fill.


api key


That’s it. Now the GSA SER campaign is ready to run.



  • Cong Ba Nguyen

    Reply Reply April 26, 2017

    I used the auto fill -> Contenmachine API and then selected the content packets for the campaign that I sent to the cloud. However, the process of getting data and filling in the GSA too long (usually takes 10-25 minutes / time auto fill by API) Please let me know the cause and how to handle it.

    • Manuel Braun

      Reply Reply April 26, 2017

      We’ll have to look into that. Please, shoot us an email at with your account ID so we can check.

  • amoyastudio

    Reply Reply November 23, 2015

    Hey Georgi
    Thanks great program, i have a few question please man,
    1. how do i play with the links setting after import from Kontent Machine ?
    2. can i play with the naked links option after it ?
    3. what about authority websites ?
    4. i need information on who control this links options and also ( brand anchor, LSI anchor and so on ) after i import it from KM,

    it’s a bit confusing how they mix together … 🙁
    Hope you can help me , thanks man !

    • Manuel Braun

      Reply Reply November 23, 2015

      Hey there,

      You have two options:
      1. You can set everything in KontentMachine and disable the GSA SER settings
      2. You can skip adding links in KontentMachine and work with SER’s settings only


      • amoyastudio

        Reply Reply November 23, 2015

        Thanks Georgi
        I really dont know which is a better option…
        can you do all of the things in both of them ?

        1. to make it work In KM, what should i write in the input line near the token? (if the token is selected of course )

        2. in GSA can i make an authority website links like in KM ? ( if so how ? )

        thanks again man !

        • Manuel Braun

          Reply Reply November 25, 2015

          There is really no better or worse option. It all depends on how you want to work.

          • amoyastudio

            November 25, 2015

            Thanks man got it

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