February 28

How to Use KontentMachine with Ultimate Demon

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create content ready to be imported in Ultimate Demon

Assuming you have set up your campaign, and you are ready to export.

In KontentMachine:

1. Press Build & Export. From the Template drop-down menu select Ultimate Demon (premade)

2. Click on Change UD Settings.

Here you can define what properties you would like content for and fine-tune your campaign. Press Apply after you are done.

4. Press Export.

KontentMachine will create in that folder sub-folders named Title, Summary, Keywords, Resource, Description

In Ultimate Demon:

1. Set up your campaigns and go to the content creation module.

2. Instead of Normal select Load from .TXT Files

3. Now for all of the fields (Titles, Summaries, Keywords, Description) press “” and browse to the folders where KontentMachine saved the files.

What Ultimate Demon will do is take one of the saved files for each of the properties it is submitting to.

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