June 4

Good News And… More Good News


Hey everybody,

I know it’s been several days since we pushed the upgrade but still… I would like to say a few things about Kontent Machine 1.4.x.x

As you have probably guessed it, the second digit addresses major upgrades/updates so “What is 4 all about?”

Thanks to our genius coder Manuel we’ve “asked” Kontent Machine to do something which no other content generation software does:

1. To scrape content based on the broad match of your keyword/s

2. To scrape content from blogs too

Now, as cool as it may sound these options are both double-edged swords. That is the reason why Kontent Machine will do these actions ONLY WHEN there is not enough content in the original high PR sources for the exact match of your keyword.

Talking about the “broad match” search. If you happen to be searching for “cheap pants for my grandma” (and I truly hope that you are NOT) and KM doesn’t find enough content it will start looking for the broad match of that… “profitable” keyword phrase. After the content is downloaded you might see on the right panel that the contextual links for the main keyword are disabled. Because your exact keyword phrase is not included enough times (if at all) in the scraped articles you can’t substitute it with your anchor text and build contextual links.

You will still be able to put your anchor text (Senuke style) in the article body and of course your resource box links. Also, if you have a secondary or third keyword there might very well be enough content for them. In this case the will be enabled so you can edit them however you like.

This opens the door for you for a little trick, or should I say – workaround. Whenever you don’t have enough content simply replace the main keyword with a more general one, like “cheap pants”, and put the targeted keyword as a secondary or even third keyword.

Let’s talk about the blog scraping. Now,  we had our doubts whether this will be the right module to implement. It sounds too much… blackhat (and it is, actually) so you need to use your common sense with it. What Kontent Machine will do when it finds no content is go to Google and start scraping from there. While most probably there will be lots of content have in mind that it has not gone any editing and most probably – spell checking. The other thing you should be aware of is the this content could be very “popular” on the internet and making it unique will take quite a lot of word and character spinning.

So guys, use your senses while working with these two options. We are always working on achieving our ultimate goal – to put whatever keyword in KM and get enough content. We strongly believe this is possible and that we will achieve it.




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