June 14

Exporting Content to Files + A Cool Bonus For All


Hey everybody,

I really don’t know where to start from, there has been so much going on around KM these days…

Alright, let’s start with some really cool BONUS that you will be getting – the guys behind OneHourBacklins/Linklicious/DripFeedLinks/HighPRSociety are offering a free OneHourBacklinks package to all KM users.

Isn’t that great? 🙂 You will be able to order absolutely for FREE one of the following three packages – 300 PR1+ backlinks (worth $51), 300 “do follow” backlinks (worth $63) or 300 indexed backlinks (worth $12).

I guess you don’t need any tips on which one to choose 🙂 You can always go to their website at OneHourBacklinks.com and check the prices for yourself.


How to get them and what’s the catch?

You need to be a non-trial KM user first. As much as we would everybody to get this bonus it doesn’t feel right when people sign up and cancel just for the free backlinks. So, the way this will work is that on the day after you trial ends you will receive the instructions about how to get them.

And yes, we made sure that our existing customers are not left out – you will get it too (just keep an eye on your member’s area these days 😉 )


Alright, now to the updates and upgrades…

We have included something that several people requested – a powerful sentence spinner (with randomization level adjustments). Using sentence-level spinning will not give you the kind of quality that the paragraph spinning could give you but you will end up with quite a lot of content that is 100% niche relevant.

We have revised the exporting to files functions of Kontent Machine from the ground up. The result is something that, quite honestly, we’ve never seen anywhere else.

We have included an article Template Builder and an Article Files Builder. The first one you can use to define EXACTLY how you want your articles to be structured and with the second one you could produce the article files.

Using tags to set up the article structure can be tricky so we made sure we wrote the exact instructions on how to use the two new features – The Article Files Builder & The Template Builder

These new features will give you the freedom to create all sorts of article files and use them in pretty much any backlinking tool out there. If you would like us to include more pre-defined templates just let us now via our help desk and you will have them in the next KM update.

That’s it for now. Take care!



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