July 30

Make Money With Kontent Machine v2


Hi guys,

We have been quiet for a while and for a reason. We have been working really hard to have Kontent Machine v2 and our affiliate system ready.

With your help and your suggestions we have managed to create what turned out to be the premium content generation software out there. Just look at the awesome features we have added for you since KM v1 was released:

– Ability to scrape images/videos and put them in your content

– A powerful template builder which allows you to specify the exact structure of your content

– Kontent Machine’s own spinner with its own thesaurus

– Automatic selection of tags, categories and additional niche keywords

– A separate character spinner

– Ability to use sentence mixing instead of paragraph spinning

On 1st of August we will be releasing Kontent Machine v2, priced at $37/month, and with it several new features (not all of them available on the release date):

– Ability to protect keywords

– Ability to replace keywords

– Separate article spinner/un-spinner

– Mass bookmark descriptions creator

– Separate article scraper


– KM’s affiliate system


Speaking of which…

We are glad to announce that you will be able to earn monthly recurring commissions just by referring people. On 1st of August you will be promoted to a standard affiliate partner. This entitles you to 20% commissions for every paying customer you refer.

Payments for the previous month will be made on 15th of the current month with a minimal threshold of $100. It means that if you have made $300 in March you will receive them on 15th of April. If you don’t reach the threshold the outstanding balance will be transferred to the next month.

About the promotion materials, just look for the “Affiliate Info” button on 1st of August 😉



If you are planning a larger-scale promotion and you are interested in becoming KM’s super affiliate partner send us an email with some info at sales@kontentmachine.com and we will help you out with whatever we can.



Georgi & Manuel

P.S. We will need several days to update the manual and all the tutorials for KM v2 so bare with us 🙂


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