How to Add Your Own Content?

In Kontent Machine 2, we introduced the so-called “custom boxes”. That feature allows you insert external content right into the built articles.

To access it, you just need to press Add Own Content while working with a campaign.

A new window will open up. Let’s see what you can do with it:

1. Own Properties

Here you can modify the Titles, Image URLs, Video URLs, Tags and Categories by typing your own, letting Kontent Machine build them or using a combination of both.

2. Custom Content

Here is where you can type or load a text file with content that you want to include in the articles. After clicking on Setup, a new window will open.

You have the option to spin your content using one of the included spinners, or you can directly paste it in spintax. Kontent Machine will recognize that.

You can also select the exact place where you want to see the content:
– The beginning of the articles
– In the middle of the articles
– At the end of the articles
– Randomly placed between articles
– Inserted inside paragraphs

Once you click Save, you will need to click on the checkbox in the Active column in order to activate it.

You can do that with up to three snippets of text.

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