How to Post Directly to FCS Networker

Here you will learn how to push content from Kontent Machine to FCS Networker.

1. You need to build a campaign in Kontent Machine and send it to the cloud (see how here)

2. In FCS Networker: go to your Dashboard and click the API’s tab to enter your Kontent Machine API key.

fcsnetworker api

3. When you are creating projects in FCS Networker go to the Articles/Content tab

4. Select Kontent Machine for a content source and paste the campaign ID’s from which you want to pull content.

fcs campaign id


Here is how you pull the campaign ID’s from KontentMachine:

– Go to Saved Campaigns

– Right-click on the campaign and select Copy Campaign ID

copy campaign ID


When you start your FCSNetworker project, it will pull random articles from the campaigns you selected. You can always go ahead and change them whenever you want to.

FCS Networker is my number 1 recommendation when it comes to Web 2.0 backlinks.

  • Nguyễn Đình Lê Quốc

    Hi Georgi,
    Do you know how to buy plan Power lifetime of FCS ?
    FCS’s website i saw lifetime 649$, but when access, i dont see that plan
    if you know, plz help me ! Or do you have any advice for me about all FCS plan?

    • Georgi Georgiev

      It’s best to ask the FCS guys.

  • amoyastudio

    Hello man

    i get this error in the articles: [X-E-R-R-O-R-X]
    what is it ??

    here is an example:

    • Georgi Georgiev

      Shoot us an email at support [at] so our tech guy can have a look.

  • sushiradio

    How many articles 1 campain ID contains and can be used by FCS?

  • amoyastudio

    Hey Georgi i just bought your software i loved the explanation and more of it , i wonder what do u recommend FCS or senuke ?

    • Georgi Georgiev

      The combo of FCS Networker with GSA SER is a killer.

      Senuke is $147 per month and doesn’t have direct KM integration.

      • amoyastudio

        Thanks man !

      • amoyastudio

        Hey Georgi , another thing please
        do you know if a non English site can be promoted this way? is there any way to promote like an arab site or hebrew site in this method ?

        • Georgi Georgiev

          I can’t see a reason why not.

  • When using FCS, should we configure the settings for things like videos, images, and spinning using the FCS dashboard or should we configure everything within Kontent Machine?

    • Georgi Georgiev

      Whatever is most convenient to you, Darrel. 🙂