December 21

Free Gift: The Quickest Way to Manually Spin Articles

It’s that time of the year when we want to give you something special. Last year we were giving away lifetime licenses for a ridiculously low price (when not lifetime licenses were available).

This year we have something even better, something that will save you hundreds of hours, something of superb quality and no analogue and something that is 100% FREE. We called it…

Kontent Rewriter (click to download)

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Let me show you how it works:


1. Press “Import Article” and load the file you want to work with.


KontentRewriter will automatically separate the paragraphs so you can work with each one individually.

2. Double-click on the first paragraph and start writing paragraph variations.

I highly recommend that you start from the paragraph level and work your way down to word/phrase level.

paragraph variation

Do this step for each one of the paragraphs. After you are done with the paragraphs continue with the sentences.

3. Again, double-click on the first paragraph to open up the window with the variations. Double-click on the first variation and Kontent Rewriter will show you the sentences. From here you can either add new sentences to the paragraph or add new variations for each sentence.

sentence variations

4. [Optional] If you want even more variations I recommend that you spin the content on a word level at the end. I want to warn you though – if you are going after quality use the best possible settings of your favorite spinner.

Remember, you have just created hundreds of unique articles by spinning the paragraphs and sentences, you don’t need too much of word-level spinning.


5. Export the super-spun article



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Guys, are you doing manual spinning? What are your methods and can Kontent Rewriter help you speed them up?

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