How to Create a Basic Campaign

On the home panel of Kontent Machine press “New Campaign”.

From the Content Source drop-down menu select Built-In Article Scraper

1. Enter your primary keyword you would like to focus on

2. [Optional] Enter a secondary keyword

3. [Optional] Enter a third keyword

4. Select the content quality you would like to produce

  • Tier 1 (least variations, best quality)
  • Tier 2 (fewer variations, better quality)
  • Tier 3+ (most variations, worst quality)
  • …or custom quality settings

5. Select the spinner you would like to use for word/phrase level spinning.

6. Choose whether you would like to exclude Adult Content (OFF) or include some (ON)

7. [Optional] Select if there are words and phrases that you would like to protect from spinning if you have enabled word-spinning.

The dialog box for these keywords will pop up later.

8. [Optional] Select whether you would like images, videos or both in your content.

9. Press Next

10. Select what type of and how many links per article you would like and set up the URLs and keywords.

11. Press Build Content


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  • Vignesh

    I can find that the generated title and body contents are having mismatch when the contents are built and seen via preview.

    • Georgi Georgiev

      What do you mean by ‘mismatch’?

      • Vignesh

        When content is built. it seems the spinning happens for all contents clubbed together. so it seems if there are 10 articles then title of article1 gets linked to body of article 2 in a random manner.

  • zxoiesru

    “not enough content” no matter what I do. Not using any proxies and using very large keyword like google still nothing. Worthless application. Broken.

    • Georgi Georgiev

      You are getting the “not enough content” because you are using a cracked version. If you buy Kontent Machine you will not have that issue.

      • zxoiesru

        WRONG, I bought the thing, it is just a piece of shit and down’t work.