Getting to Know SER Powerhouse

SER Powerhouse Overview




  1. New – starts a new SER Powerhouse campaign and opens up the Campaign Architect (tutorial)
  2. Load – loads a saved SER Powerhouse campaign
  3. Project Whiz – monitor and edit existing campaigns
  4. Settings – access the application’s settings
  • Gertrit Kabashi

    Hi Georgi,
    can i use SER Powerhouse to feed with content an actual project which is already running on GSA Ser please? Project was not created via SER Powerhouse.


    • Georgi Georgiev

      Definitely 🙂

      • Gertrit Kabashi

        Where can i find any tutorial how to do it please?

        • Georgi Georgiev

          Start creating a campaign and then click “Load Template”. In the window that slides in choose “Template from SER Project”

  • ivo

    should I have Kontent Machine’?

    • Georgi Georgiev

      No, you don’t need it to use SER Powerhouse.

      Sure, KontentMachine will make things easier with creating the content and pushing, updating it and pushing it to GSA SER but you can do that with text files too (or don’t use the content feeding option at all).

  • Digital Nomad Training

    Where can I get SER powerhouse?

    • Georgi Georgiev

      We’ll be launching it again soon.

      • Toby Quoc

        I just bought, where can in get it?

        • Georgi Georgiev

          You can log in here and you’ll see it under ‘Active Resources’

          • Toby Quoc

            Thanks, i saw it. I think if have a tutorial video about this when working with GSA is the best. Do you have tutorial video of SER Powerhouse

          • Georgi Georgiev

            We don’t have a video. Instead, we have written tutorials.

  • Nir Levi

    Just bought! Awesome stuff as usual

    • Georgi Georgiev

      Thanks, Nir!